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Shivneri Fort near Pune is the birthplace of the great Shivaji Maharaj. Check out Shivneri Fort near Poona, India.
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Shivneri Fort

Location: 90 km from Pune
Main Attractions: Birthplace of Shivaji

Shivneri Fort, PuneShivneri Fort is situated at a distance of approximately 90 km from the Pune city. Sahaji, the father of Shivaji, got this fort constructed as a fortification from his enemies. It was here that Jijabai, the mother of Shivaji, spent the period of her pregnancy and gave birth to the great Shivaji Maharaj in the year 1627. Shivaji also spent his childhood in the Shivneri Fort, near Pune. The education and training he underwent here played a major role in shaping him as a great ruler. Read on to know more about the Shivneri Fort near Poona, India…

The architecture of the fort is worth a mention. One has to cross seven huge gates to gain access to the fort. In the middle of the Shivneri fort is a small water pond, known as Badami Talav. Near the pond is a statue of Jijabai with son Shivaji. There is also a temple situated near the Shivneri fort, dedicated to goddess Shivani. It is said that Shivaji was named after goddess Shivani only. Situated at a small distance from the Shivneri Fort is a ghat, which is known as the Nane Ghat.

From the ghat, one can have a spectacular view of the Konkan Plateau and its beautiful surroundings. Not very far from here is another fort, known as the Jivdhan. This fort is quite popular amongst trekkers. To enter the interiors of the fort from the road, one has to cross seven doors. Other places worth seeing in this fort are Dongarmatha, Kaman Take and Kadeloot Tok. Last but not the least, the Lenyadri Caves and Dhamankhel Kulaswami Khandoba Mandir situated near the Shivneri Fort are also worth visiting.