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Empress Garden of Pune is popularly known as 'Soldiers Garden'. Check out Empress Garden of Poona, India.
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Empress Garden Pune

Location: Near Pune Solapur Road
Main Attractions: Popular as a picnic spot

Empress Garden, PuneEmpress Garden is situated near the Pune Solapur Road. The garden was originally under the ownership of Sardar Vithalrao Purandhare and was managed by General Finjer. It came under the management of the British government in the year 1838. The occupation of the Empress Garden transferred in 1845 and it came under Sir Charles Napier. During that time, the garden came to be known as 'Garden of Dr. Don'. Given below is more information on the Empress Garden of Poona, India.

Empress Garden of Pune acquired its present name when queen Victoria embraced the title of 'Empress Of India'. However, since the garden was frequently used by the British soldiers as a recreational spot, it popularly came to be known as the 'Soldier's Garden'. In 1892, Empress Garden came under the control of the Bombay Government, who later transferred it to Agri-Horicultural society of western India. Spread over an area of around 59 acres, the garden is full of mangoes and tamarind trees as well as beautiful flowers.