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The most common language of Pune is Marathi. Check out the languages spoken in Poona, India.
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Pune Languages

The most common language of Pune, spoken by majority of the population, is Marathi. Infact, Marathi is the official language of state of Maharashtra. Apart from Marathi, Hindi is also one of the languages used commonly in Pune and is used widely throughout the city. A large number of software companies as well as some of the best professional institutions of the country have opened up branches in Pune. This has resulted in a large influx of people from other parts of country as well as the world.

As the city is acquiring a cosmopolitan character, we find a few changes in its culture also. English is becoming a part of the languages commonly spoken in the Poona city of India. Apart from that, a number of other Indian languages are also spoken in the city. There is a significant minority of people from Gujarat and Parsis, who speak Gujarati.