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Dehu, situated near Pune, is the birthplace of Sant Tukaram. Check out Dehu City near Poona, India.
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Main Attractions: Sant Tukaram Temple

Dehu Gatha Mandir, PuneDehu is the place where Sant Tukaram was born and it is the place where he took mahasamadhi. Sant Tukaram was a very revered saint of Maharashtra and played a very important role in the Bhakti Movement of the state. He lived in the city of Dehu, situated near Pune, and taught people how to worship the almighty God. Till today, he is remembered for his Abhang and Gatha. Read on to get more information about the Dehu city near Puna, India.

One of the major attractions of the city is Palakhi festival, celebrated in the month of Ashadh. People come here from faraway places to take part in this festival. The temple of Sant Tukaram was constructed in Dehu in the 1723. His younger son, Narayanbaba, got the temple built on the banks of a river. The rock where Sant Tukaram sat, while on fast, is still present in Dehu. Apart from that, there are a number of other temples in the city that are worth visiting.