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Fire Temple of Pune is a Zoroastrian temple. Read about the Fire Temple of Puna, India.
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Pune Fire Temple

Location: Dastur Meher Road

Fire Temple, PuneFire Temple, also known as Agiary, is the name given to the place of worship of the Zoroastrians. The Fire Temple of Pune is situated along the Dastur Meher Road, earlier known as Agiary Street. Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy got the temple constructed in the year 1844. The temple enshrines the Atesh Adaran Saheb i.e., the Holy Fire and Sacred Holy Book. In the following lines, we have provided more information about the Fire Temple of Puna, India.

As per the records, the Holy Fire was lit inside the Pune Fire Temple for the first time, on 9th November 1844. It has been burning since then, without getting extinguished even once. The Fire Temple of Pune is situated amidst Cyprus trees. These trees are considered as symbols of the greatness of Zoroaster, who is believed to have brought the cypress from heaven to earth. The facade of the temple stands adorned with a fountain in a triangular enclosure, initially erected as a source of water supply for the city.