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Pune city map has been provided to you in this article. Check out the map of Pune (Poona), India.
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Pune Map

Map, Pune
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Pune is considered to be the cultural capital of Maharashtra. It has also been honored with the title of the 'Oxford of the East'. This is because some of the world-class schools and institutions have set up their branches in the city. People come to this city from all over India, for travel purposes, education purposes and even religious purposes. Pune city acts as the perfect stopover for visiting worship places, like the Shirdi Sai Temple. Infact, many people stay here and make a day trip to such places.

Whatever be the reason for visiting Pune, it is always better to equip yourself with some information about the city well in advance. It minimizes your chances of getting lost or being fleeced by the taxi drivers. The best way to gather information about the Pune city is by going through its map. The city map can acquaint you with the major tourist destinations or educational institutions and also give you an idea about their distance from your hotel. We have provided a map of the Pune city of India in this article; you can familiarize yourself with it.