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This article provides information about people of Pune, India. Read about the people and lifestyle of Poona.
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Pune People

People, PuneThe city of Pune has acquired a cosmopolitan identity. People belonging to different castes, creeds, religions and economic backgrounds can be found here. With the setting up of software companies and professional institutions in Pune, the city has assumed a multi-ethnic personality. The people of Pune represent an amalgamation of different cultures and the city has become like a mixture of different civilizations. Check out more on the people and lifestyle of Poona, India.

One thing that is common to all the people living in Pune is their never say die spirit. Whatever be their educational background, their economic background or their religion, they know how to live life to the fullest. Each and every person has found a way to enjoy himself/herself and the city also caters to the needs of everyone. The people of Pune are also very much interested in the arts and crafts, music, spirituality, etc. The past few years have seen the city acquiring a taste in trance and techno also.