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Mahatma Phule Museum of Pune is situated in Shivaji Nagar. Read about Mahatma Phule of Puna, India.
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Mahatma Phule Museum

Location: Ghole Road, Shivaji Nagar

Mahatma Phule Museum, PuneMahatma Phule Museum of Pune is situated on Ghole Road, Shivaji Nagar. The museum was founded in the year 1890 and was known as 'Lord Ray Museum'. The museum has on display an array of industrial products, agricultural articles and handicraft items. In the following lines, we have provided more information about Mahatma Phule Museum of Puna, India…

One of the unique features of the museum is that it comprises of the body samples of the animals, right from elephants to seal fishes. The 117-year-old museum also has a rich collection of items related to arms and armory, forestry, geology, natural history, textiles, etc. The other attractions of Mahatma Phule Museum of Pune comprise of brassware, stone carvings, marble statues and oil paintings.

History of the Museum
The museum culture that had swept India in the late 19th century had left it with lots of museum. However, when the country gained independence, it was realized that only few of them were owned by the Government. Two such museums were the Prince of Wales Museum of Western India and the Lord Ray Industrial Museum of Pune, in which the then Bombay Government had a hand. The latter one was later renamed as the 'Mahatma Phule Museum'. Its management was then handed over to a board of trustees.