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Given here is information on the major religions of Pune. Know more about the religion of Puna, India.
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Pune Religions

Religion, PuneA number of religions are followed in the city of Pune. As more and more people are shifting to Pune, either to study or to work, the religious identity of the city is undergoing a major change. People belonging to varied religious backgrounds are living in the city, making it an assortment of sorts. One of the major religions followed in Pune is Hinduism. Read on to know more about the each and every religion followed in Puna, India.

Pune city also serves as home to people belonging to other religions, like Sikhs, Christians and Muslims. Even though their number is not too large, they form a significant minority of the total population. The other religions practiced in Pune comprise of Buddhism, Jainism and Zoroastrianism. A small number of people in the city practice these religions.