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Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum of Pune is situated on Bajirao Road. Know about Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum of Poona, India.
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Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

Location: Bajirao Road, Shukawar Peth
Timings: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, PuneRaja Dinkar Kelkar Museum of Pune is situated on Bajirao Road, Shukawar Peth. The museum was founded by Dr Dinkar G. Kelkar in remembrance of his only son, Raja. The majority of the museum collection was assimilated by Dr Dinkar in his lifetime. He devoted more than 40 years of his life in building up the collection of the museum. He started gathering artifacts from the year 1920 and by 1960, the compilation had increased to around 15,000 items. Given below is more information on the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum of Poona, India…

In 1962, Dr Dinkar handed over his entire collection to the Department of Archaeology of the Government of Maharashtra. Presently, the collection boasts of more than 20,000 articles, out of which majority items date back to somewhere between 18th and 19th century. However, only 2500 articles have been displayed inside the museum. Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum of Pune also has a very exquisite collection of musical instruments. The other items include Mughal antiques like paintings, instruments, lamps, etc.

Then, there is an amazing compilation of nutcrackers, Ganpati's guns, carved palace doors, pottery, etc. The museum also houses a recreation of the famous Mastani Mahal. Other structures inside its complex include Research and Storage facilities and the Institute of Musicology and Fine Arts. The ground floor of Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum displays household vessels made of terracotta, copper and brass. These items date back to the 18th and 19th century and were purchased from Kerala, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Another floor of the museum is adorned with statues of Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Then, there are paintings depicting scenes from the Great Indian Epic Ramayana. Armors made of fish scales and crocodile skin, pistols, long barreled muskets, daggers, shields, swords and small cannons are other items on display inside the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum of Pune. Betel boxes, lime containers and spittoons used by the Maharajas have also been exhibited here.