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Snake Park is situated on the Pune Satara Highway. Read on to explore the Snake Park of Puna city of India.
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Snake Park

Location: Pune-Satara Highway
Main Attractions: Nine feet long King Cobra

Snake Park, PuneNeelam Kumar Khaire established the Snake Park of Pune in the year 1986, with the help of Pune Municipal Corporation. In 1999, the park was included in the Rajeev Gandhi Udyan. Located on the Pune-Satara Highway, Snake Park is approximately 8 km away from the Pune city. Initially the park was set up as a home for snakes, reptiles, birds and turtles. However, some time back, a zoo was added to it. Read on to get more information about the Snake Park of Puna, India.

The Snake Park of Pune boasts of being home to more than 160 species of snakes. However, the major attraction of the park is a six-year-old, nine feet long King Cobra. There is also a library inside the park, which has information on almost each and every snake. Festivals and programs are organized on a regular basis at the Snake Park, to spread awareness about snakes and to eliminate the common misconceptions held by the people.