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The electricity and voltage situation in Pune has been explained here. Read about the electric current in Poona, India.
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Voltage in Pune

Voltage, PuneThere is not much problem of electricity and voltage in Pune, with the minimum of power cuts taking place. Just like the rest of India, the voltage in Pune also revolves somewhere around 240 Volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. For any electrical equipment that cannot be supported by the voltage in Pune, it is better to get a voltage converter. Read on to get more information about the electric current in Poona, India.

Depending upon the amount of power that supports the equipment, you can either get a resistor-network converter, transformer and combination converter. A resistor-network converter supports 50-1600 Watts, while a transformer supports 50-100 Watts. You can also buy a combination of the two, known as the combination converter.

Even the plug sockets in Pune are not fit for all types of plugs. You need to have plugs either with two round pins or with three round pins, arranged in a triangle. In case your electrical appliance has any other type of plug, it is advisable to carry a plug adapter with you.