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Saras Baug is a popular picnic spot of Pune. Know more about Saras Baug /Bagh of Poona, India.
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Saras Baug

Location: One km from Swargate
Main Attractions: Lush lawns, flowers and a Lord Ganesha temple

Saras Baug, PuneSaras Baug lies at a distance of approximately one kilometer from Swargate, Pune. The lush green lawns of the Baug, along with its blooming flowerbeds, attract tourist from far and wide. Pune Saras Baug is also quite famous for the Ganapati temple situated inside its premises. The temple is perched on top of a small hillock and provides an amazing view of the surrounding areas. Dedicated to Lord Ganesha, it dates back to the time of Madahvrao Peshwas. Read to explore the Saras Baug of Poona, India.

The place where the park now stands was once occupied by a small lake. However, the lake got dried up and was later developed into the Saras Baug. The park is also frequented by joggers and walkers, in early morning as well as evening. Saras Baug is quite popular as a picnic spot also and can be easily reached by auto rickshaws.